3 years of Summer

This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago. I wanted to share it with you because everything we endure, we endure for a reason.  It's rained quite a lot since then.

3 Years of Summer

3 years of summer he lived beneath the sun
and felt the warmth on his skin
on the outside, all was well
Nothing seemed amiss

And then she came in
she rained down hard like the heaviest storm
And her water soaked his skin
And refreshed his inner core

All of the sudden he knew what he had been missing
His heart had been shackled, bound to the sun
Bound to the light he could only see and feel
In his eyes and on his skin

And he saw her .. 
Her eyes were bright perfect stars
The ones that could only hold love in them

And the gold that she saw all around her
Was really coming right off of her finger tips

And then just like the storm
She was carried by the wind
To a place in time
He just couldn't have been

And so he sat outside
And waited for the rain to fall ...