Open Your Eyes

In hindsight, it’s always easy to say that a moment, an experience, or a person was “meant to be” a part of your life. It seems to be the label that everyone puts on the experience, that fate somehow predetermines the experiences and lessons we’re meant to learn. That if it’s fated, that somehow that makes it more powerful and more real. And maybe that’s true… 

 But I’ve had more and more strange coincidences lately, ones that fit current life lessons too well. Coincidences that make you scratch your head, and wonder why you deserved this gift, lesson, or message. The question then becomes, why are these things/events so perfectly aligned? Why do some events perfectly occur in a sequence that cannot be explained except by superstition or folklore?

 My best guess is that if you want to learn something, you can somehow summon it. If you need answers from the universe, it will send them your way. It may not be in the manner you expect, it may not be written in bold letters for you. But the answers are there, you just have to open your eyes.