The Most Transformative Year of My Life

I had a birthday recently, and I realized something very powerful. The person I am now is so much different than a year ago, or than I've ever been.

This year, I have felt the strongest love, and the strongest pain. I have experienced the challenges of poor health. I have also seen ghosts from the past … and I have fought them… and then forgiven them and myself.

At my best, my heart was never so wide open. I was able to give gifts and messages to those who needed them. I’ve never been able to give quite this much.

At my worst, I mistakenly aimed my bow and arrow at those I care for deeply. For that, I am truly sorry.  You didn’t deserve it.

But most importantly, I am so grateful for those whom have come into my life. I am forever different because of you.  In so many ways, I was not ready for some of you. But I’m very glad you came anyway. And I’m more at peace than ever because of it. Please come again.

In some ways, the last two years I had forgotten who I was. There are those of you whom have helped me rediscover it, who showed me that we can truly be loved for we are. You showed me what’s really important again.

This post is to let you all know… I am so thankful you’ve been a part of my life. You are the reason I will forever be better. . This is for you.

This was the end of a chapter… but the story never really ends... does it