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On a warm July day in 2017, American songwriter Joey Costello stumbled into his favorite Nottingham open mic. It had been over two years since he had been a regular there, as he had returned to the states since living in Nottingham for most of 2015. Joey, from Chicago, knew that Nottingham was an amazing place to meet other musicians to collaborate. So much that he quit his day job in America, and took his talents to Nottingham just so he could create. He followed his heart, so to speak.

Neither he nor Morton Piercewright (TheoTheo) knew what would come from that July evening. Joey sat there and reveled in Morton's 30 minute set really enjoying the belty singer. He had hoped to speak to Morton later about a potential collaboration. So when Joey's set came around, all bets were off when Morton and his friend Iona Wellington decided to sing harmonies to Joey's song "I'll Take You Home." These two complete strangers sang them so loud that they rang throughout the bar, needless to say Joey loved the crystal clear harmonies and was sure, as they all were, they wanted to collaborate.

Two weeks later, the three of them had a 4 hour writing session and out came this song. Later came new great friendships and more future collaborations (to be released in 2018).

The original intention of "So High We Lose Our Minds" is to be a song that revels in the beauty of just how messed up life is. It seeks to showcase both the light and the dark, and uses "so high" as a metaphor for these often dissonant feelings. But beyond its original intention, "So High We Lose Our Minds" is proof that music can bring people together in crazy, beautiful, unique ways. 

Now let's daydream about the chaotically beautiful and unpredictable nature of life, this is "So High We Lose Our Minds."

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Joey Costello (AKA Joey Marcantonio) is an American Singer-songwriter whose songs are about truth, hope, and love.  Possessing a voice that is characteristic of his influences; Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice, Joey also utilizes a falsetto that defines his sound beyond any single element. Compared sometimes to Passenger and City and Colour, Joey often builds his songs around profound statements transformed into catchy hooks.

Joey took an artistic sabbatical in Nottingham to collaborate with local songwriters and musicians as well as to enjoy the city he calls his “second home.” Joey will be releasing the brand new single “So High We Lose Our Minds” featuring TheoTheo as well as the remastered I’ll Take You Home – EP on December 15th, 2017 

On top of every set list Joey writes, "Tell Your Story." He hopes to tell his story every time he performs.

Joey will be performing throughout the UK and US in 2018 and looks forward to sharing his thoughts and inspirations with audiences everywhere.




TheoTheo (AKA Morton Piercewright) is a Nottingham based singer-songwriter along the lines of City and Color and Frank Turner, TheoTheo proves his worth with belting vocals and catchy hooks

Most known through the BBC Introducing world for being one half of the songwriting duo, You Me Us, TheoTheo has been active creating and releasing music since 2010. 

TheoTheo will be releasing a brand new EP in 2018 as well as several more collaborations with American songwriter Joey Costello.

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