Joey Costello is an American Singer-songwriter who is all about truth, love, and hope. His message is transcendent in nature, and he does his best to deliver full experiences both in his recordings and on stage. 

Possessing a voice that at times can be as breathy and as emotionally calming as Ray LaMontagne, yet can also be as profound as Damien Rice. His use of air and falsetto define his sound beyond any single element painting the delivery of carefully crafted yet profound emotional statements.

On top of every set list Joey writes, "Tell Your Story." A reminder that it is not the songs, the music, or the performance that is important, but it is the "reason why" which is paramount, and is the reason anyone should listen.

Joey is currently supporting his latest live single "My Light in the Dark" released August 2017 and his latest album "The End Before The Beginning, which was released in October 2016. Expect more new releases from Joey in 2017 and a new album in 2018.

Joey will be performing throughout the US and UK in 2017 and looks forward to sharing his thoughts and inspirations with audiences everywhere.